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We remember our first time experiencing various things …

Waleska Medina
I remember the first time I smoked weed, I was 12 years old. I came out from school and I was walking with my friend. I went to her house, and her sister was rolling some little white paper, so I was curious, and she said it was weed joints and it make you laugh a lot.

So I tried it, and we smoked two. I felt like my eyes were too close, and scared, lol. I went home, couldn’t look at my mom, scared that she was going to know I smoked and whoop me. So later I noticed all the stuff to eat. I brought to my room and was laughing alone, then I woke up the next morning late for school, didn’t even realize I fell asleep the night before lol.

My teenage years were the best.

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Abraham Viera (two firsts)
The first I went to church I felt something different, something or some being died inside me and became new creature with new journeys, new experiences, and new chances. It’s like God came inside me and cleanse me like whiter than snow. He turned me into a engineer, architect, and a poet. He showed me how to play music and cut hair. He made me joyful and happy. He gave me strength to help people. He gave me love to love people. He gave me Jesus Christ the carpenter from Jerusalem. He gave me life and victory.

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The first kiss. I was the star QB player, winning games left and right. We were the Wolverines. Green, blue, white, and black jerseys. I was invited to a school dance by my boys from the football team. We dressed up fresh. We were the fresh boys with haircuts, sneakers and beepers. When we all arrived to the school dance, we all ate pizzas, drank sodas. I noticed this beauty, Puerto Rican-looking Chinese. I asked her to dance. She said yes. We danced 7 songs. Then a slow dance came on. By the end of the song, I reached slowly with my lips and kissed her, and she kissed me back. That was my first kiss.

more dancing
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Lilliana Rodriguez
My first time I got on Batman roller coaster Six Flags, it was scary. I was screaming my lungs out to get off: “I want to get out!” yelling for help all the way the ride. Then get off so quick when the ride it stop. I didn’t like it. It fun but not for me.

batman roller coaster
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Sonia Garcia (several firsts)
My first teacher in first grade, it was Mrs. Torres, a great, beautiful teacher.
My first kiss was when I was 14 years old, which I never forget.
My first new car was in 1988, and it was an Eagle Premier, beautiful wine-color car.
I had my first daughter in 1978, a ten-pound baby girl.
My first job was in a factory in 1989.

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Mario Vazquez
The first thing I remember is when I  rode the skateboard, and it wasn’t easy, but I did have fun. However, falling off it was the toughest, but I didn’t give up. I believe I was bout 15 years old. How I felt about it was it was a veery unique experience and an enjoyable one, too.

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How Mario Vazquez helps kids lose weight

There has been one problem in the USA that has caused so many problems. Of course I am referring to child obesity. Now I know it’s true that the question I’m about to ask is very simple: Are kids in the USA fat? The answer is yes. But I did find the culprit: too much junk food, drinks, and fast food. So I decided to help by coming up with my own exercising kit.

To do this, I first raised money for the project. Next, making the products, and next, getting the word out. With that, many kids suddenly realized that by giving it their all, that’s what’s really important. Have fun staying in shape and above all having a good heart of SELF-ESTEEM. That you accomplished something.

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, s


Candy Hearts for Valentine’s Day

The week of Valentine’s Day, we wrote about what the messages on various candy hearts mean and which ones we’d like to give or receive.

Waleska Medina
I'm sorry heart  smile heart

I’m sorry I broke your heart.

Smile because you brighten up my day.

What heart would you like to give to someone?

a long goodbye heart

A long goodbye, because I’m tired of the lies and inconsistency and I don’t wanna argue no more.


Abraham Viera
too much heart

“Too much” is a phrase that probably mean too much kisses, too much hugs. But when it comes to love it’s never too much. Never too much. Love the the song. Love is beautiful, gorgeous, and inspiration.


Laila Sanchez
are you willing heart take a chance heartNever too late heart

“Are you willing?” –This message means are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me.

“Take a chance” –This message means to not be afraid with trying something new.

“Never too late” –Is never too late to give your love away for someone who is meaningful to you.

I want that “Take a chance” message because my last relationship taught me that all men are the same, it doesn’t matter how much the person say “I love you” because at the end of the day they still will find a way to break you and then pick you right back. I chose this message because I’m willing to give my love one more time.


Valerie Sanchez
Why now heart I'm sorry heart (blue) get real heart

“Why Now?” –Why you want me in your life now when I don’t need you no more?

“I’m sorry” –Don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it.

“Get Real” –Just be real.


Reniell Morales
youre so cool heart dear one sure love heart

“You’re so cool” –You think someone is cool.

“Dear one” –Someone that is special to you.

“Sure love” –To me this would mean that you’re  sure about your feeling towards the person and you’re willing to commit to them, but there also other meaning.


Sonia Garcia
be good heart goodbye for now heart

Be good
Be good to God.
Be good to one another.
Be good to your family.
Be good to yourself.
One Love is God.

Goodbye for now
because I don’t like to say goodbye.


Juan Rodriguez
be my friend heart please say yes heart you're so fine heart

(Be my friend) –That would be the beginning of a conversation to someone you would want to say e-mail me.

(Please say yes) –Asking someone for a date with a sense of humor.

(You’re so fine) –What I tell my wife all the time ❤


Lilliana Rodriguez
sweet dreams heart lets do lunch heart too much heart

On Valentine I will have a sweet dream.

On Valentine will have a good lunch. Because my boyfriend said let’s do lunch ^_^

Too much on Valentine is to gift out time and love someone that is special for you.


. . . And a Mario Vazquez Valentine’s Adventure

Valentine’s Day is a radical holiday for all who celebrate it with love. But for Mario Vazquez, this was not a good time for him. Every year he always seems sad cause of Valentine’s Day, and this causes him pain. Mario wanted to go on a double date with his wife, but in order to do that, he would have to get a gift for her but he had no money. So he checked his piggy bank and it had a lot of money, about $60,000,000,000,000,000,000. But he was saving the money for this event, but he thought it will have to do.

Suddenly somebody–a girl–came in and started singing,

Happy Valentine’s Day
A super Valentine’s Day
A peachy Valentine’s Day

“It’s for you.” She gave a gift, and I said thanks.

“You’re welcome. You’re a nice boy.”

As I opened up the gift, I saw something nice.

“Oh wow, a big box of candy.”

This was from my wife. So then it was official. I was determined to get my sweetie a gift. So after my adventures, I finally got my wife the gift she wanted.


Some of these secrets are invented, some are real…


Juan Rodriguez
In my elementary school I always used to get picked on, so that’s why I decided to take some sort of martial arts and to this day I still study.


Lisa Bailey
When I was a kid at school we would play the game. The teacher made this thing: it was two cups and a long string, and then attached one end of the string to one of the cups and the other end to the second cup. Then one person would talk into the cup and they would go down the line of people. When they get to the end, they would tell you the secrets.


Abraham Viera
My secret is I work for the president as a secret agent. My job and my duty is to protect the president at every speech, every meeting. If we sense danger, we will attack. We are armed with rifles, and we check all buildings, windows, cars, and elevators. Anybody tries our president will get clapped. I’m a secret service agent. We eat good, play tennis, shoot guns at the range, ride bikes, listen to music, dance, and protect.

secret agent
Secret agent man (source)

Selena Marin
Mi secreto es que le mentia a mi mamá y a las mamás de mis mejores amigos, dijimos que nos íbamos a quedar en casa de mi abuela y nos fuimos para un party. La mamá de mi amiga se enteró y de hay en adelante ya no nos dejan quedar en casa de mi abuela, pero fue la mejor escapada que nos dimos gozamos mucho. Si mi mamá se entera me da un castigo muy largo, pero fue lo mejor.

una fiesta

Reniell Moralez
One of my secrets is that I was a mixed martial arts fighter for a year. My other secret is that I one my first mixed martial arts fight about a year ago.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 5.16.10 PM-Feb 4, 2018

Sonia N.
When I was 18 years old, I was with a man named Carlos Negron, and when we used to drink, me and my husband and his brother-in-law Manuel, every little moment we have, we kiss and kiss. It was a good experience for me because I am a masochist when it comes to that.


Sonia G.
My friend told me that she’s not in love with her husband. I told her to try because he is a good husband. And I feel sad because I feel the same way but I don’t give up because my husband is good to me.

holding hands

Laila Sanchez
This one time I overheard this secret about this girl in school, that she was pregnant but doesn’t know who the baby’s father is. I felt shocked because she’s young. Of course I was surprised because while she was going through the process I found out that there was three guys involved.


Waleska Medina
I don’t like to tell my secrets anymore.

Once I told a secret to my friend about liking this younger guy, way younger than me.

I told her me and him are seeing each other secretly. But no one knew. I couldn’t hold it inside any longer, so I confided in her. Two days later another friend approach me asking me, How does it feel to be with a younger guy!! I knew then she told my secret to someone else, then little by little everyone knew.

So my secret was not a secret anymore. No more secret telling.



Lilliana Rodriguez
My friend murdered my neighbor’s dog because he wanted revenge of neighbor’s snitching him out of bringing girls in the apartment when he’s a married man. So that’s my secret.



This cat is very strange . . .


Valerie Sanchez
This cat looks like a dog. The cat ears are hanging to the floor, has a long tail but the cat skin is red and blue.

What a strange cat! What do you think of it? Is it good luck or bad to see this cat?

I think this cat is my fairy godmother, and yes, this cat is good luck, and it tells me the future about me, and it shows me how bad my kids are going to be at school and at the houses.

blue and red cat

Juan Rodriguez
I was in the park and I seen a cat with three eyes looking at a bird.

What did you think when you saw this three-eyed cat?

He has a better chance of catching the bird! LOL

three-eyed cat

Waleska Medina
When I was a little girl, I had this cat that I named after my grandmother. Her name was Mita. She was cute at first, but then she used to scratch me and jumped on me, so then I didn’t found her as cute no more.

So months passed by, and we moved to a new apartment, where the landlord did not allow pets. So my dad gave her to a coworker. Month after, we found out she attacked him and almost strangled him with her tail.

Ever since that cat, I dislike all cats. I’m very afraid of cats. The way they look with them evil eyes is very scary and creepy. No more cats for me.


Reniell Morales
One day I went hiking in the mountains. I had a feeling that I was being watched. Then in the distance, up in the hills, I noticed this large, strange cat. It was very odd looking. It was something I would never thought I would see. This beautiful animal, it had a short tail, not like a cat, and I seen long elfish ears and very large paws. I then realized it was a lynx. Then it stared at me and I stared back, and for a moment it felt like we were connected. Then it just walk off into the forest and I never saw it again.


Laila Sanchez
The cat is staring at me weird; it’s meowing strange. Is like warning me about something.

Oh no! What is it warning you about?

It’s warning me about the villagers, because they’ve been waiting for me.

Why are they waiting for you?

They’re waiting for me because I’m the antidote.

Sonia Nuñez
I see this cat is black, but I notice the cat looks kind of weird, the way his eyes look. The way he look at me gave me this weird feeling that he was trying to connect with me. When I was looking at him, he make me feel that I want to be a cat for a day, to see what they go through, what is the danger they go through, etc.

black cat

Mario Vazquez
How are cats weird, you say. Well, when I see a cat, I go near him. When I see a stray cat, I don’t go near him. If it’s sick and if it’s a black cat, be careful because they do attack when in contact.

Mario cat

Abraham Viera
A strange thing about cats is that they come in different sizes. Some are small, some are medium, some are large. They have quick reflexes. The small ones climb walls and jump off stoves. The big ones hunt deer. The fast ones like the cheetah can run up to 60 mph. Some of the large cats like the panther can climb trees. They teach the cubs to hunt and eventually they go off by themselves to hunt and survive.

Cheetah chasing prey at full stride, Namibia
cheetah (source)

Lilliana Rodriguez
Creepy cat, they act weird. They do this noise like a baby cries. Is so scary on seeing a black cat standing on the side road watching you walk by.

Do you think a black cat is bad luck?

No, cats are not bad luck, they just cats. They are good of seeing ghosts around, though.

(Note: This picture comes from a story about a black cat named Sable that watches over children as they cross the street when they get out of school. Read about Sable here.)





A wise old woman gives you an item . . .

She tells you it is very valuable. Why is it valuable?


Victor Davila
The old wise woman I seen at an antique shop came and told me what is it that I seek in her sanctuary of wisdom and knowledge. I said to her that I am seeking a lock to protect stuff I put away.  She told me, “I know just the lock, my child.” She went and grabbed a box with an old lock. She told me this lock was special. I said, “How?” The old woman said that it can only open with sacred words, no key would unlock it. So I asked for the words. She said, “Adve dam balla.” I said okay, and I said it. The lock opened. I was surprised. I said, “How much?” She said, “For you, my child, it’s free.” I said, “Thank you, old wise one.” I left the shop. Once I turned around to see if she was there. She vanished along with everything inside. I was shocked, so I just walked away.

Lilliana Rodriguez
This old lady sat next to me at the bus stop terminal. I was just about to leave to the bus. The old lady said if I can hold on to this value old lock that it mean a lot to her, and she want me to hold it for her death, but I said why? She said it has a powerful history behind, I really will be interesting to know. And I said okay because I wanted to leave before the bus will leave me behind. So I put it in my pocket and walked away.

* * *


Reniell Morales
One day I was walking down the street, and this lady walk up and said, “Here, have this. I can see that this item call to you.” So I did. I looked closely, and it was a small bird statue. She said it was important and valuable.

Important, because it has meaning that only I understand, something to do with me and nature.

The reason I think it’s valuable is it might be something that was passed down to her, something that someone treasure. Maybe she know it would be something special that I would cherish for a long time.

Abraham Viera
A wise old woman gave me a piece of an item, and it was a bird made out of marble. Looks like an eagle. Someone carved an eagle out of marble. Hard, tan, valuable, high-class marble or granite. I think it represents the country we live in, our country bird. Eagle. It looks like is worth 15 thousand dollars, and it’s a 4-inch piece of marble, width of 3 inches. Looks like a famous artist carved it i 1786 and kept it in safe storage generations past generations. She told me it was valuable.

* * *


Leshiara Cancel
This beautiful lady gave me a shellfish and told me it was very valuable. I believe she said that maybe cause it comes from an amazing place in the ocean. Not only that, when you put it to your ears, you can hear sounds of the sea. Not only that, they can be collectables for your house and you can make things with them. But I think this specific one came from an old antique from her home that she had for many years. And she wanted to share this beautiful shellfish with me cause she probably seen in me that she didn’t see in anyone else. I maybe her beautiful shellfish.

Lisa Bailey
This is valuable to me. I love the ocean, the beach, watching the waves at the beach, the sand on my feet. I love walking along the beach in the water, and it was a very warm day. The sun was shining down on the water, and I come across this shell. It is very different, so for me the shell is very special to me because when I look at it, it’s a reminder of that day on the beach.

* * *


Waleska Medina
This old lady handed me this piece of cloth, and she said it was very valuable.

The reason why this piece of cloth is very valuable is because we can make a lot of things and items with it.

For example, with this piece of cloth we can make clothes. We can also make blankets for the cold. We also can make curtains to bring shade when the sun is very bright and hot.

If we really think and put our minds together, with this piece of cloth this old lady gave me, we can make a  lot of things we can use on a daily basis, and reuse them.

And this is why this piece of cloth is very valuable to me.

* * *


Mario Vazequz
Mario Vazquez always believes that many things have very unique powers, and in this case he was about to discover an item that is very unusual. He didn’t know it worked.

I went to a shop one day. The shop’s owner was a very old woman named Miss Jewel. She showed me something very valuable that I never seen before. It was a bracelet of 3 gold coins around it. I said what was so special about this. She told me a story that one young woman who was a slave wanted to be queen and the other did not want to be queen, so what the queen did was she took out a bracelet with 3 gold coins around it. She told the slave her situation and the slave heard her and they both grabbed each other’s hands. She said some magic words, Azarack Meteron Zinthos, as the gold started to glow. Somehow they had miraculously switched places and were very happy with the change.





Our last prompt in December was on risks–risks taken and risks avoided, and what happened.

danger sign

Sonia N.
The risk I take by driving a car without a license and being a stolen car was that I almost got caught because the car stuck without gas in front of a police station, and that was a scary moment for me, and I did regret it because I almost lost my freedom.

I also see someone coming. I wait until the car pass, and I run out the car and hide in some bushes, and the car that had just pass came around, and he started to look around to see if he see the person that was in the car. He did not see me, so he left, and after he left, I came out the hiding place and start walking.

The risk I did was get in a friend vehicle when I know he was a crazy driver, but I was alive by the time he drop me at home. It was worth it to drive with a crazy driver because I got home quickly.

Smoking cigarettes puts you at risk for lung cancer and emphysema. Emphysema is when one lung turns swollen, like blowing up a balloon, then it outgrows your other lung and it causes death. Smoking cigarettes can cause bad breath and yellow teeth. When you go for an interview, you smell bad. Cigarette smoking has so many bad flaws, but yet I risk it and still smoke!

The time I risked something is when I risked getting hit by a car so my nieces and nephews can cross the street. It was worth taking the risk because I did not lose a loved family member. The street a car almost hit me is Breckwood Blvd. My nieces and nephews ages are 12, 3, 7, 9, and a 7-month-old baby. My sister is 27 years old. (Not all those kids are hers.)

Victor D.
I took a risk of getting into a car that nobody said was stolen, and I ended up being taken out for a joy ride, and it was fun until someone crashed it into a big snow bank, and we all wanted to walk away and leave except for one person who was stupid enough to convince us to push it out. It didn’t work. A minute later cops came. They ran, and I was confused so I tried running, but one of the stupidest friends I had pushed me on the floor and made me take the blame for it all. I was furious and never forgave them for it.

A risk I went through a year ago was being in the hospital for 24 hours every 2 weeks. At 6 months pregnant I got kicked on my belly to the point I almost lost my daughter. They rushed me to the hospital where they gave me 2 shots to keep my daughter’s lungs active so I wouldn’t go into early labor. I was 2 cm from 6 months to the day I gave birth. I had to be on bed rest until I gave birth because my daughter was already position down, and any movement I made could have gotten me into early labor.

I have a bad temper and anxiety. It drives me crazy. I had a fight with my boyfriend. I stabbed him in the leg. I was angry at him and because he hit me, swore at me. But my Angels tried to help, but I was so angry at my boyfriend that I told the police if they didn’t take me and I killed him, it was their fault. Ban, ban, off to the precinct I go. I was there for two days, and one at the jail made me not want to go to jail for one day, and my favorite Angel saved me from myself. And thank God, I just got a year’s probation. I learned my lesson not to hurt anyone anymore. No more going to jail.

As brave/strong/weak/bright/loud as . . .


Laly Rios

As strong as . . .
a wrestler, an elephant, a bulldozer

As dark as. . .
black, shadow, my room, night

Hercules is a very powerful person and always took control. He was a god and also loved by many. He was as strong as an elephant that everyone was so scared of him. He was so strong he was hard to kill because everyone thought he was a god and the son of a god.

hercules and lion

Hercules wrestling a lion, c. 5th cent. BC (Source)


Victor Davila

As quiet as . . .
A fish, sharks, ME, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, moths, smoke, deaf people

As tiny as . . .
bacteria, atoms, spiders, flies, moths, butterflies, mosquitoes, matches

Deaf people are quietest people.

Nur Uretmen

As quiet as smoke. Photo by Nur Uretmen (Source)


Sonia Garcia

Fast as a train, airplane, cars

Full as a tank, bath, glass

I see a fast rabbit that goes fast everywhere.




Lilliana Rodriguez

I’m not brave enough killing spider.

My pillow is so soft.

My boyfriend hair is soft.

I was brave enough to jump in the pool and save a kid of getting drowned when I don’t know how to swim.

diving into the water

Artist: Sudhir Shetty (Source)


Mario Vazquez

I have heard a lot of loud things, like a police siren, a fire truck siren, an ambulance siren, a jackhammer sound, an alarm clock, an alarm in a bank, and a fire alarm.

What I have done that is sneaky is take something without permission or asking, like cookies, soda, and paper, a lot of papers.

The one thing I have eaten that is sour is the Sourpuss balls of candy.

fire siren

As loud as a fire truck siren  (Source)


Sonia Nuñez

As big as my personality is, I am still very sentimental.

As sweet as I am, I still sour from time to time.

As big as the terminal is, I just like the old one.

As sweet as Lilliana is, she got a sour side, like me.


As big as the new PVTA terminal in Springfield (Source)


Lisa Bailey

You are as weak as you choose to be.

Sometimes we allow someone to make you feel weak by giving up peace of mind.

You can be weak if you are sick and you not eat.

When we get old, we get weaker than when we are younger.

We can get weaker if we get in an accident.

I allow my ex to weaken me because I have so many things going in my life, taking care of my mom and my dad. And so many things that I did not see what was going on in the relationship and the thing she did. I allow it to make me very weak for a long time. So, people can make you weaker if you let them.

old guy

We can get weaker when we get older. (Source)


Rosalinda de Jesus

As bright as . . .
The sun, a diamond

As sour as . . .
A lime, a lemon, sour candy

When I become sour, I sometimes hurt people’s feelings. But I don’t mean to sometimes.


As bright as a diamond (Source)


Abraham Viera

loud as . . .
Sonia N, chain saw, wind

I am high like the statue of liberty. I am high like a 747. I am high like a wave.

I am empty like a cup of juice when I drink it.


Photo: Francesca Forrest


Feeding the animals


by Jessica Collazo

John is feeding the porcupine with corn at the farm, and he is having fun feed the animals.

Why did you pick this picture?
I picked the picture because my son went to a farm and he feed the animals and was fun.

Dirk Schwartz porcupine

Photo: Dick Schwartz (Source)

Making up for lost time


By Sonia Nuñez

Who is it?
This is Will Ace.

Where are they?
Sonia, Amarilis, and Will are in front of the lake.

What are they doing?
We are sitting in front of the lake giving each other love.

Why are they doing it?
We are just making up for lost time.

Why did you pick this picture?
I pick this picture because it reminded me of this ex I had. Me, him, and the other woman.


Photo: W.C. (Bill) Rauhauser (1918–2017)