You can learn a lot from different animals.


Waleska Medina: lioness
(photo source)

I would like a lioness to teach me to be stronger and not let nothing hurt me.

I compare myself to a lioness because I protect my children, with teeth and hands, just like a lioness does with teeth and paws.

Always pay attention to the surroundings, making sure there are no predators trying to prey on her and her family. A lioness protects her lion, and is always giving love and secureness. A lioness creeps in slow motion, making sure no enemies are around. They also tend to have a good heart, and if they know there are other good animals and are in danger, they will help them to a safe area.

I want a lioness to teach me how to be an effective hunter and more agile than the males.


Lisa Bradley: a dog (poodle)
(photo source)

A dog can teach me to be more playful and not so stressed out and help me to enjoy the outside and notice all the things around me, and be more happy. How to love yourself unconditionally because that is what dogs do: they love you unconditionally. They know when you are sad and they can comfort you when you are sad, lonely, bored, and they can be your best friends without expectation on you.


Abraham Viera: bull terrier and lion
bull terrier  male lion
(first photo; second photo)

Bull terrier can teach me how to watch my family and attack bad people from my family. They are a good breed and are royalty dogs. Lions can teach me how to be a leader in a jungle and be a strong husband like a lion male and a lion female with their cubs, and they can hunt and live together.


Valerie Sanchez Hernandez: polar bear
polar bear
(photo source)

I would like a polar bear to teach how to swim in cold water, how to hunt fish, and what type of place would I be able to be safe where I don’t get hunted, and I would like to learn how I can be a famous polar bear.


Laila Sanchez: black panther
black panther
(photo source)

The quality that a black panther has that I wish I had is that they’re quick to climb trees. They have a great eyesight, healthy claws, and their fur is healthy and shiny. The panther will teach me how to hunt and trap my food.


Lilliana Rodriguez: giraffe
giraffe desert
(photo source)

Giraffes are mammals and they eat tree leaves. They be most in the desert or in the zoo. They are calm, tall animals, and if they break their necks they can continue to stay alive. From the giraffe I would like to learn how can they survive in the desert overnight with the wild creatures.


Nina Abraham: my dog Buck (a dachshund)
(photo source)

My dog Buck is 14 years old. Through the years I have learned a lot from him. He’s obedient, a great listener, very compassionate. He can sense all my moods. He knows when I’m happy, sad, in a terrible mood.He also senses when I’m sick, hurting, or crying, and he also lets me know when the mailman comes, when my food is burning. I can detect all his different barks and whining. I love my dear dog. He’s my faithful companion.



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